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The County Engineer issues driveway permits for driveways on County roads and Township Trustees of the township that the driveway is in is responsible for permits. All driveway permits must be approved through the County Engineers Office prior to construction. Driveway inquiries on State routes should contact the local ODOT garage. All new house numbers, not in municipalities, can use the new house number form from the Mapping & Drafting Office. Driveway permits may be obtained through the County Engineers Office. You may also view a copy of this policy by clicking on the linked document below.
 House Numbering:
 New construction house numbers are given at the time the driveway permit is issued.
 All permits need to be printed and mailed to:
The Hocking County Engineer's Office
 1286 California Avenue
 Logan, Ohio 43138

 For any question on driveways:
 Email: hockingengineer@frontier.com
 Use the Contact Us section on this webpage.
Driveway & Roadside Pipe Policy (Permit): Download