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Our Mission...Bill Shaw Hocking County Engineer

WELCOME to the home page of the Hocking County Engineer's website.

It is our intent to inform you of our duties and obligations as well as our accomplishments.

I believe that our primary mission is to do the most that we possibly can to improve our county road and bridge system, to construct and maintain a network of arterial highways into and through Hocking County for the safety of the traveling public.

We hope that you find this site very informative. Should you have any questions whatsoever, or suggestions as to how we can improve this site please let us know.

Who We Are:

Maintenance, Operation and Administration Preservation of Hocking County's existing road and bridge network is the main focus and the responsibility of the Hocking County Engineer. This network consists of a preventative maintenance program for 212.241 miles of County roads, 261 bridges, 2241 traffic signs, and 137,940 linear feet of guardrail. The Hocking County Engineer also assists the Hocking County townships in their road maintenance effort.

The office staff of the Hocking County Engineer is responsible for design and development of plans for construction projects, bridge design and construction, driveway permitting, bridge and culvert inspection, providing tax map drafting services for the county and other personnel and administrative functions.